An Accomplished Word


My one-word for 2018 is Accomplished.

It’s inspired by Isaiah 26:12 (NIV)
All that we have accomplished you have done for us.

It will remind me that God gets credit for all I accomplish. My goal is to accomplish the things God has planned for me.

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2 Responses to An Accomplished Word

  1. Good word.

    My word would have been a phrase, “The good die young, but badass lives forever.”

    But as things have gone, even that is a shout into a fell and ghastly wind.

    So I maybe have a new word – ‘deguello’.

    It’s a Spanish bugle call, taken fro the Moors, meaning ‘to cut the throat’,made famous at the Alamo.

    This is my Alamo, these cancers and other things. They are coming over the wall now, and they will meet bright steel as long as I have the strength to wield it. I will go down fighting, and I don’t care if anyone’s there to record it.

    This is my time.


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