Pure Water

I heard a sex-ed teacher describe a lesson. She fills a glass with water and tells her students to pass it one to another, each spitting into the glass. After they all spit, she asks if anyone would like to drink the water.

Ick! Yuk. Gross.

But sex with someone you barely know, that’s OK?

God has a better plan.

Proverbs 5:15 (TLB)
Drink water from your own well–
share your love only with your wife.


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4 Responses to Pure Water

  1. Being someone who spent an inordinate amount of time crawling through (and hiding in) scenic and renowned drainage ditches in the developing world, I can REALLY relate to this post.

  2. Kathy Wyg says:

    Good morning…..thank you for this devo today….how appropriate in these times…..&
    I too thank you Andrew for your service…Shirlee…as soon as I can figure out how to put this devo info on my FB site..I will…obviously I am not tech savvy…@ all….& my iPad @ times…is not friendly…but I love this devo…absolutely love it…..thank you…..

    Have a blessed day guys……Kathy W

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