Sheltering Russian Children

Every year in Russia, another 120,000 children find themselves in orphanages. Not all are without parents. The tough economy, disintegrating morality and too much alcohol take their toll. Parents give up and abandon their children.


“A mother/father unable or unwilling to care for their child/children often leave their Podkidysh* (*translated one that is left at the door). Children are literally left at the orphanage entrance . . . They go to sleep without hope.”

Russian Missions brings the love of Christ to these left-at-the-door children, helping to meet their physical and emotional needs. 

Lord, we don’t understand the pain of the children left at the door or the desperation of the parents who leave them. Our hearts break for both parent and child. Shelter them with your love. Restore their broken souls.

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Prayer and Fasting


“Fasting is abstaining from
anything that hinders prayer.”
Andrew Bonar, (1810-1892)


He’s right. If it hinders prayer, you’re better off without it.

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The Thought that Counts


Did you give up something for Lent?

Social media? Chocolate?


1 Corinthians 11:24 (NIV)
“Do this in remembrance of me.”

Without Jesus, it’s just time management or a diet. With Jesus, it is worship.



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Simply Love


John 15:12 (NIV)
Love each other
as I have loved you.

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Living Large

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The Perfect Gift



Valentine’s Day is coming. What’s your favorite gift?


  • Candy
  • Flowers
  • Dinner at an expensive restaurant

This year, February 14 is also the beginning of Lent. That’s the time of preparation before Easter. Traditionally, Christians give up something.

This year, why not give your Beloved what he really wants:

John 14:15 (NIV)
If you love me, keep my commands.

Obedience . . . the perfect gift. Exactly what our Beloved Christ deserves.


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Sheltered Athletes

We just witnessed football players giving God the glory. We heard that winning the Super Bowl isn’t as important as knowing God.

Next up: the Olympics. Meet some athletes who desire God more than a gold medal:


Simidele Adeagbo, skeleton (Nigeria)
“Faith is most important because faith made this possible.”

Nicole Hensley, ice hockey (USA)
“The result is not necessarily the most important thing. It is more important to be on the ice and enjoy the chance to play when God has given me such a passion and ability in this game.”

Gim Sohui, Alpine skiing (South Korea)
Gim hopes “to spread the Gospel through sports.”

Be their safe shelter, Lord. And use them to lead others to that shelter.

Psalm 18:2 (CEV)
You are my mighty rock, my fortress, my protector, the rock where I am safe, my shield, my powerful weapon, and my place of shelter. 

Read more about these and other Christian Olympians here.

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Speak Wisdom

Proverbs 31:26 (NIV)
She speaks with wisdom,
and faithful instruction is on her tongue.



Lord, teach me to speak (and write) with wisdom.

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Biblical Wisdom


There’s lots of wisdom packed between the covers of your Bible:



Love God, love others, love yourself. – Luke 10:27
Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. – James 1:19
Let your yes be yes, and your no be no. – Matthew 5:37
Treat others the way you want to be treated. – Luke 6:31
Don’t think too highly of yourself. – Romans 12:3

And don’t forget that whole Ten Commandments thing.

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We Need More Wisdom

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