Safe Shelter for Vets

Veterans need safe shelter. Think about it . . .

While the rest of us watch HGTV from our comfortable couches, military personnel serve in some very unsafe places. When their tour of duty is done, they come home. To what?


Some come home with special needs, physical and emotional. Some can’t find space they can afford. Habitat for Humanity’s Veterans Build program focuses on safe, decent, affordable housing. What a worthy cause.

Lord God, we pray for our vets who need safe shelter–physical and emotional. Meet that need for a comfortable home–a place without fear, a place filled with hope. Amen.



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2 Responses to Safe Shelter for Vets

  1. Kathy Wyg says:

    Good morning…..thank you Shirlee….for this info…about the Vets…I had no idea & have never heard about this Veteran’s Build program……they have served our country honorably…obviously it is our turn to do the same for them…thanks again….

    Have a blessed day…..Kathy Wyg

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