Unintended Trespasses

A young man trespassed on my property this week. He pushed his truck over the boundary of my bumper—actually he moved my bumper into my trunk. 

He didn’t do it on purpose.



Sometimes I accidentally trespass on someone else’s property, person or feelings. How about you?



  • I’ve taken credit for someone else’s idea
  • I passed on gossip that turned out to be untrue
  • I blamed someone for something they didn’t do

Forgive us our unintended trespasses.


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5 Responses to Unintended Trespasses

  1. We’re always goats…either heading away from trouble we’ve caused, or heading toward trouble we’re gonna cause.

  2. Oyinlola says:

    Yes. Really Unintended Trespasses.

    • Shirlee Abbott says:

      All too often, Oyinlola, I ask myself, “What were you thinking?” Or more accurately, “What WEREN’T you thinking?”

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