Unexpected Shelter

Two earthquakes in Mexico in two weeks time: 30 million people felt the earth shake. Where to run? Who can help?


World Vision, an international Christian ministry to the world’s poorest people, for one. World Vision workers already in Mexico stepped up.



“World Vision is working in 12 shelters in Mexico City — providing food and medicine to children and their families. So far, we have also distributed approximately 3 tons of food, 500 pieces of tools, and two electric generators to support rescue efforts. In addition, we are operating two Child-Friendly Spaces and have plans to open another five. World Vision is working with a team of volunteers that include six doctors and 20 psychologists who are providing medical attention and emotional support to children injured or traumatized by the earthquake.”
Read more about the earthquake and World vision here.

Lord, we pray for all the Christian workers in Mexico (and Texas and Florida) who unexpectedly find themselves coordinating safe shelter. Grant them safety, patience, wisdom and energy. May they be your hands and feet in these needy places. Amen.


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