Influential Character

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Scotsman John Knox (1510-1572), former Catholic priest and galley slave, was a leader in the Protestant reformation. He preached hellfire and damnation to queens. Quite a character.


Our presidential candidates should take his advice to heart.

“You cannot antagonize and influence at the same time.”

A voice of experience?bless listening

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2 Responses to Influential Character

  1. A good point, but what’s antagonistic to some is music to the ears of others, and a call to action. There’s precious little one can do to influence an administration literally hell-bent on eradicating Christianity from the public sphere, but pointing out that it’s what IS happening can mobilize those who might otherwise try to keep their heads turned away.

    Case in point – a public official who could not in good conscience sign same-sex marriage licenses was jailed, and a family-run bakery was fined for not catering to a same-sex couple on the orders of an administrative-law judge who publicly said the owners should be ‘re-educated’.

    Re-educated…eerie words.

    There’s no way to speak out on this without bringing down abuse upon one’s head, but I’m sure glad that there are those who will do it, without regard to the consequences.

    • It is a matter of carefully choosing one’s battles, isn’t it?

      As much as possible, I try to disagree agreeably. I prefer to say, “I disagree.” And not say, “I disagree, you idiot.” But as you point out, Andrew, sometimes I must disagree.

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