Your All-Knowing All-Powerful Will Be Done



I think it is my job to give fix-it advice. To everyone. Including God.



All too often, my prayer time is spent reciting problems and telling God how to make them all better. Presumptuous? Absolutely. Who am I to tell all-knowing and all-powerful God what to do?

Jesus set the standard:

Luke 22:42 (NIV)
Not my will, but yours be done.amen

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2 Responses to Your All-Knowing All-Powerful Will Be Done

  1. It does beg the question of whether supplicative or petitionary prayer is even justified; presumably God’s will is all-inclusive, down to the last detail, and perfect submission to that will requires the abandonment of personal preference?

    I don’t know; my typical prayer is that God help me to do my best, or at least not screw up too badly.

    Of course, I do amplify ‘screw up’ suitably in conversation with the Almighty; I suspect that he understands the fervor of scatology.

  2. Prayer is a mystery. We will never deliver news that God doesn’t already know. The purpose isn’t to increase God’s store of information. The purpose is to increase my knowledge of God.

    Prayer is primarily relationship. It is a conversation: I talk, God listens; God speaks, I listen. And yes, God understands the fervor.

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