Outside My Comfort Zone

A meeting opened with prayer, and I had a problem: the person praying did so in his native language. I impatiently crossed my arms and tapped my toe (spiritually, not literally), waiting for the real action to begin. 


I sensed God’s disapproval. 

The next time, I listened carefully and recognized a few words: dios, padre, casa. I found myself asking my heavenly Father to fill the house with his presence.

I sensed God’s Atta girl!

Since then, I’ve not only learned to pray alongside words I don’t understand, I’ve learned to like it.bless spanish

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2 Responses to Outside My Comfort Zone

  1. Before a rather unpleasant situation in which I was teamed with a Muslim, he prayed to Mecca, and motioned me to join him.

    I said, “I’m not a Muslim!”

    He replied, “Oh, that’s OK. Allah doesn’t mind, and neither does your Christian God. It’s the knees that are important.”

    He didn’t come home, except in my heart.

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