In the Lottery We Trust?




Did you buy a lottery ticket? Why?


  • Just part of the fun
  • It’s a long chance at a new life
  • Who doesn’t want more money?

I’m not buying. Frankly, I can’t grasp the concept of my own billion (or even the fraction of a billion that would be mine after taxes). Sure, I could do with more money. But not that much more, nothing-in-my-life-would-be-the-same more. I’d be trading in the stress I know for stress I can’t imagine.

Ironic how all those bills saying “In God We Trust” are exchanged for the fragile hope of a winning ticket.bless soul pic

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4 Responses to In the Lottery We Trust?

  1. Nope, not buying one. I would have some pretty good ideas of what to do with the money, but I’d get more fun by putting a match to the bill I used to buy the ticket, and watching the pretty colours of the flames.

    It’s a sucker’s game. No, thanks.

  2. I’ll keep my money and watch the colors of the flames in my wood stove, thank you very much. Actually, with winter settling in here in New Jersey, I am very thankful for the flames in that wood stove. It’s beautiful in a way money can’t buy.

  3. Nope … didn’t buy one. 😉 But yeah, I’d enjoy the money. Oh well.

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