Love to Tell Your Story

Rock solid

Seems to me, you can tell the story of your personal experience with Christ in three ways:

  • How you came to Christ
  • Your greatest God-moments
  • What God has done for you lately


Your story–it can be a sentence, a few paragraphs or your cradle-to-grave biography.


I love to tell the story,
 it did so much for me;
 and that is just the reason
 I tell it now to thee.



bless story

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2 Responses to Love to Tell Your Story

  1. Or you can say how you’re going to meet Him, perhaps sooner rather than later.

    I’ll slap Him on the back, and say, “Oi, Cobber, how about a cold one? You’re buying!”

    Because of illness, I haven’t had a beer in forever. I expect that drought will end, come the Transcendence.

  2. Meeting Him, ultimately, is everyone’s story. And yes, Andrew, Jesus pays it all.

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