Sheltering AIDS Orphans

37 million people are living with AIDS. Since the world started counting, another 35 million died from AIDS and related illness.

13 million children have lost one or both parents to AIDS. Many organizations minister to these children.

One group, AIDS Orphans and Street Children, has a unique approach:

“. . . it would take 80,000 orphanages that hold 500 children each just to house the children orphaned by AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa alone.  Our Rescue Unit concept is a more practical way to reach those in need.”

These Rescue Units provide education, medication, food, emotional and spiritual support.

“The Rescue Units are small portable buildings set up near the orphans’ own villages. Rescue Units can help several hundred orphans in a five-mile radius.”

Our hearts go out to these children, Lord. So much need, in places with so few resources. Bless the relatives and neighbors who take these orphans into their homes. Bless the mission organizations that have stepped in to help. Provide enough to go around. And, Lord, make an end to the disease.



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