Safe Work, for Freedom’s Sake

Maybe you’ve heard about the night life in Bangkok, Thailand. You many already know that women there are caught up in the sex trade. You might even know that there are ministries to such women, ministries that offer them a a way out.

Did you know that you can help?

NightLife is one such ministry. Here women work with dignity. They design and make jewelry and clothing–honest, creative and profitable employment. 

Bless the work of their hands, Lord. May it be their delight–and yours. Amen.

From the NightLight Design website:

Why do we exist? For Freedom’s Sake. Why do we create and design? For Freedom’s Sake. Why do our employees labor? For Freedom’s Sake. Why should you shop? For Freedom’s Sake.

Do some Christmas shopping at NightLight. For freedom’s sake.


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  1. Donna L says:

    Shirlee, I am interested in supporting this organization, but I was wondering if you or someone that you know has purchased items from them before?

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