Safely Home


There are thousands of children in America waiting for adoption. Most of them are school age, many in sibling groups. 


Think of it–their homes fell apart, through death, through violence, through neglect. No grandparents, aunts or cousins are there to take them in. Each child has seen tragedy. These kids come with few belongings, but heavy baggage.


  • For their safety while they wait
  • That siblings can stay together
  • For more ah-ha God-moments when folks browsing the lists of waiting children feel the pull to a particular child or sibling group
  • That new families will bond
  • For strength, patience and support for the parents
  • For acceptance, healing and peace for the children

Lord, raise up hundreds of Christian households willing to welcome these children under their loving, sheltering roofs. You know each child by name. Call them into their new homes.

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2 Responses to Safely Home

  1. Shirlee, this is so good!

    I would have wanted to adopt, but the fact that when I read the title of this post my mind turned it into ‘safe house’ would have been a disqualifying factor. Some professions you practice, they just don’t want you adopting kids. They think that you’ll be teaching them to shoot and stuff.

    As if that’s a bad thing.

    • We adopted two of our four sons–brothers who came to us at ages 5 and 8. We had some issues when their anger exceeded their maturity to process it. I don’t know if shooting would have been a help or a threat. Your patience and perseverance, however, would have equipped you well for adoption.

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