Sign Me Up!


Lord, I admit it.
I need obedience training.



Luke 16:10 (NLT)
If you are faithful in little things,
you will be faithful in large ones.

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2 Responses to Sign Me Up!

  1. We have two Ridgeback sisters, otherwise known as The Velociraptors or simply, “THEM!” They weigh about 80 lbs each, and are extremely fit.

    I never had the chance to give them more than rudimentary training, but if I am walking them (they are NEVER off-leash outside the house) and a leash slips from my hand, I have merely to stay “Stop”, and the Sister on the Loose will freeze to the ground.

    Either it’s on their DNA (doubt that), or they are hearing Another Voice echoing my own.

    Oh, their names are Josie and Reebok, and they are the most people-friendly dogs in the world.

    • Our last two dogs have been rescues, both trained by voices that weren’t ours. I am grateful to the voices, and bewildered that voices who trained so well lost touch with the trainees.

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