Sunday’s Gift


God gave me an unexpected gift. I lay on the garden swing, half napping, half praying. A sound I couldn’t quite place caught my attention. It was a little like the chainsaw at work a few houses away, only softer and nearer. I opened my eyes and discovered, not 18 inches from my nose, a hummingbird investigating my seltzer bottle.

Seconds later, it was gone.

Thank you, Lord, for this amazing moment.

(Not my usual Monday morning post, but I had to share my Sunday moment with you all)

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2 Responses to Sunday’s Gift

  1. I would have been terrified; I’ve been attacked four times in recent years by hummingbirds, and still have a healing gash on my arm where a sharp beak lacerated me! (I was alo stabbed twice in the neck, and once on the chin.)

    All other animals consider me one of their own, but I guess the hummer’s wingbeats are to a different drummer. Gene Krupa,perhaps?

    • Shirlee Abbott says:

      I knew you wouldn’t share my joy over this particular critter, Andrew. But stay tuned. The rest of the week will be devoted to your favorite!

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