You Will Take It with You


I’m planning and packing for a trip. Are you planning and packing for your final trip?



  • I can’t take it with me
  • Planning, yes. Packing, no.
  • I’m going to heaven. Why worry?

True, you don’t pack a suitcase for your trip from earth to heaven. But you won’t go there empty-handed.

You take your history and your faith with you.

You’ll have your garment of praise (Isaiah 61:3). You’ll have your to-do lists (past and present). And a cloak of honesty (seriously, you don’t plan to make excuses in the throne room, do you?).

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2 Responses to You Will Take It with You

  1. Does, “Yo, Dude, I was only kidding?” count as an excuse?

    And does one call God ‘Dude’?

    Guess I will find out.

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