What Are We Reaping?


People are unhappy, and it is somebody’s fault.

What’s the problem?


  • People aren’t grateful for what they have, only envious of what they don’t have
  • For those in power, it is never enough power
  • Folks make their choices, but they don’t want to live with the consequences
  • All of the above

Those of us who know God know that actions have consequences—it is that whole sowing and reaping thing. 

Leave God out of it,” our culture says.

Guess we’re reaping what we sow.


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4 Responses to What Are We Reaping?

  1. You said it all on this one.

  2. Kathy Wyg says:

    Good morning……wow….right on the money Shirlee…….thank you….

    I have just put your good stuff on my FB site…your stuff is always so poignant…

    I love it…..it always makes us think…..

    Have a blessed day….guys…………kathy wyg

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