Wisdom’s Shortcut

Me:    Lord God, the Bible is a big book. Isn’t there
            some shortcut to wisdom–a TED talk, or
            Cliff Notes or a Reader’s Digest condensed

God:  Silly child, that wasn’t your wisest
           request ever.


2 Timothy 2:15 (MEV)
Study to show yourself approved by God, a workman who need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

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2 Responses to Wisdom’s Shortcut

  1. There’s a shortcut, yes, and Crocodile Dundee, played by Paul Hogan, found it.

    “God and Jesus and the apostles and all them, they were all fisherman, just like me.. So it’ll be straight up to heaven for Mick Dundee. Yeah. Me and God…we’d be mates.”

    It’s really all you need.

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