Rest Assured



What keeps you up at night?


  • Worries about my family
  • Frustration with our nation
  • Money troubles
  • What? I sleep through it all

There are nights when sleep just doesn’t come. My head is full of yesterday’s regrets and tomorrow’s worries. My body is in bed, but my mind is on a hamster wheel.

I can hit the brakes on that hamster wheel. 

I can rest assured, knowing that my heavenly Father protects me from the enemy’s plans to disrupt my sleep. My left-over worries are safe in God’s hands. He never sleeps.

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2 Responses to Rest Assured

  1. Pain’s what usually keeps me awake. That, and when I stop breathing and have to be revived by the service dogs jumping on my chest.

    Kind of hard to sleep after the latter. 😀

    • Shirlee Abbott says:

      Rest assured, Andrew, knowing that your four-footed friends have your best interest at heart.

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