Adjusting My Rabbit Ears

Let’s talk rabbit ears. Not the furry bunny kind. The antenna kind.

You jiggle the rabbit ears to clear up the signal.

I have spiritual rabbit ears–I can adjust them to better hear God. And sometimes I fiddle with them to block God’s message. It’s the spiritual equivalent of fingers in my ears, “na-na-nah-na-nah.”



Me:   I can’t hear you, God.

God: Silly child, fix those rabbit ears.



James 1:19
Be quick to listen.

bless listening

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4 Responses to Adjusting My Rabbit Ears

  1. He can be hard to hear. Sometimes I have the feeling I’m listening to a digital God over an analog receiver.

  2. Kathy Wyg says:

    Good morning….I absolutely love this one…esp your 2 lines..the Me line & the God line
    I just sat here & laughed…thank you so much…how true they are….& they & you helped make my day….thanks Shirlee….!!!

    Have a blessed day………………guys………..Kathy Wyg

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