Pray for Life

Today is the March for Life. Bless all the dedicated souls who make their way to Washington to make their opinions known.

Good news: the US abortion rate has fallen to its lowest level since Roe v Wade. 

Let us pray beyond the statistics.



Lord, we pray that the abortion rate will continue to fall . . . not because the laws change, but because hearts change. Amen.bless praying



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4 Responses to Pray for Life

  1. I AM glad for that statistic. And while it’s better to keep the number going down by changing heart, I’m quite happy with a legal mandate as well.

  2. Shirlee Abbott says:

    I suspect that the advent of ultrasound has made a big difference. I remember when it was said, “it’s only a clump of cells.” Now we have a God’s-eye view into the womb.

  3. Amen to changed hearts, dear Shirlee.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

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