What’s There to Like?



America, we’re a house divided.

We slice and dice ourselves by


  • Race
  • Politics
  • Income

Over the years, I’ve made my home in seven states, and in rural areas, small and mid-sized towns, suburbs and cities. What have I found?

Most people are nice.

Drop your snap judgments. Don’t assume. Ease off the labels. Get to know those people on the other side of the debate. 

You might discover that “the content of their character” isn’t all that different from yours.bless-their_souls

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6 Responses to What’s There to Like?

  1. I love this! We need to remember to keep things in perspective. Thank you.

    • Shirlee Abbott says:

      Perspective! That’s the magic word, Norma. Not the world’s perspective. God’s perspective.

  2. Great point. Most people just want to get along. So do I.

  3. Carol Ashby says:

    Amen to this, Shirlee! In so far as it is within my power, I try to live at peace even with those with whom I strongly disagree. That pleases God, and it has the added benefit that someone might listen to your point if you’re talking WITH them instead of shouting AT them.

    • Shirlee Abbott says:

      I always wondered, Carol — do folks really think other people don’t agree because they’re hard of hearing?

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