Divine Sense




We talk about common sense. What is it?


  • Good judgment
  • Knowing the right thing and doing it
  • Where high ideals meet real life

If only common sense were more common!

If only divine sense were more common: sóphronizó, “living in divine moderation.” We find that word in Paul’s instructions to Titus, advice about older men and women passing their wisdom to the next generation. The word is translated many ways: train, teach, admonish, encourage, urge. Perhaps the VOICE says it best:

Titus 2:4
Be a positive example, showing them . . .

Resolved for 2017: Seek divine sense, be a positive example, sóphronizó.new year blessings


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2 Responses to Divine Sense

  1. And if you can’t be a positive example, at least take comfort in knowing that you’re a cautionary tale.

    I always wanted my last words on earth to be, “DUDE! Watch THIS!”

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