Wild, Silent Night



All is calm. 


Joseph, looking for a place–any place!–to shelter his laboring wife. And then . . .

. . . a woman birthing a baby. In a barn.

Need I say more?bless soul pic

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2 Responses to Wild, Silent Night

  1. Depends on the inner man, I think.

    I remember a day when a number of people in a far-off place were doing their best to add a few more openings to my epidermis, and I took shelter in a culvert. The bullets were chipping away the lip above my head, but they couldn’t touch me, and for a few minutes I had this sense of quiet and almost happy calm. Like finding unexpected shelter in a hailstorm.

    Until I realized that they might bring up a mortar, and one of the little people might actually know how to use it.

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