Color Me Thankful




I’m thankful for color:


  • the brown of roast turkey and my grandsons’ eyes
  • the red of cherry dessert and weathered barns
  • the green of pickles and pine trees
  • the white of marshmallows and highway lines
  • the orange of sweet potatoes and the new kitten
  • the black of ground pepper and the night sky

It’s a bright and beautiful world!bless grateful

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2 Responses to Color Me Thankful

  1. Great list!

    I find that I am thankful for the never-ending pain that keeps me awake and screaming through the night, because it’s burned the dross out of soul. When your back’s against the wall, it makes figuring out the axis of attack for a counterattack a whole lot simpler.


    • Shirlee Abbott says:

      “Burned the dross out of soul.” I can’t like pain, but I admire how you deal with it, Andrew. But that won’t stop me from praying that you have less pain.

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