My Stone



I am a stone for those around me. I can and should be an Ebenezer, a stepping stone. Or I can be a stumbling block.


I noticed a co-worker today just because of her frown. For her, a frown is a rare event. She’s always good for a word of encouragement, a joke or a happy story.  Unlike the doom-and-gloom fellow with his steady stream of complaints. I once told him, “there’s never a sunny day where you can’t find a dark cloud.” He offered a nod of solemn agreement. 

Oh Lord, make me a stepping stone! Amen.
smile 1

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2 Responses to My Stone

  1. Interestingly, there’s another category…or maybe two.

    I look grim, seldom smile, and almost never laugh, but tend to be optimistic. And there are counterparts who smile and laugh, and whose worldview is decidedly negative.

  2. Shirlee Abbott says:

    We know beyond all doubt, Andrew, that you are a stepping stone. And your worldview is decidedly positive. It isn’t all about the smile.

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