260! That’s Old



Our congregation just celebrated 260 years!



  • That’s a lotta history!
  • Great is God’s faithfulness
  • Hefty foundation

That’s a lot of sermons, memory verses, hymns, prayers and pot-luck dinners. And that’s just one church (lower case “c”). Think of the Church (upper case “C”), all believers, everywhere over time. We’re just a tiny stream in Christ’s mighty river. 

A tiny, much-loved stream. BLESS THE LORD OH MY SOUL




[Historical note: Our second pastor took a leave of absence to minister to Washington and the troops–now that’s old!]

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3 Responses to 260! That’s Old

  1. Happy birth day to you,
    dear church, you faith’s true!
    A bright home for believers
    your golden work to do!

  2. Kathy Wyg says:

    Good morning….I found your historical note…quite impressive…& encouraging….@
    Least he will hopefully get a much warmer response from this newbie administration
    In the works….I think that it’s awesome…How Washington & our troops need some
    Encouragement…& uplifting….thank you again,.Shirlee..,for that info…that helps to make my day….I love hearing encouraging good stuff like that..!!!

    Have a blessed day…………….guys…….Kathy wyg

    Thank you too Shirle..for your 40 days of verse & God’s good stuff you put out before the election…I found them very poignant..& actually put them on my FB site…so
    Everyone could see what page I am on…

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