Strong Words

Reading through the Gospels, I notice that Jesus didn’t talk much about the ruling Romans. His strongest words were directed at the religious leaders. As a Bible study writer and teacher, this gives me pause.

Rock solid


“Take my lips and let them be
  Filled with messages from Thee.”
Frances R. Havergal, 1874

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4 Responses to Strong Words

  1. You mean He WASN’T the write of that delightful bit of doggerel that begins –

    I hope the old Romans
    had painful abdomens.
    I hope that the Greeks
    had toothaches for weeks…???

    Seriously, I had noticed that He did not suggest that the centurion of great faith find another line of work, and that always was a point of interest.

  2. Shirlee Abbott says:

    Jesus was very consistent in his “render onto Caesar” stance–no rebellion, no sabotage, no whispered jokes (or corny poems) at Roman expense. He was all about changing hearts, not government. He liked the Centurion’s heart right where it was.

  3. Mary Christensen says:

    Shirlee and Andrew, I hope everyone who reads today’s blog also reads your comments. What America needs most right now is a lot of “changed hearts.”

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