Lookin’ for Love


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2 Responses to Lookin’ for Love

  1. I’m not sure there isn’t love there, Shirlee…it seems more and more to me that one of the candidates is as appalled as I am about the moral decay this country has seen in the last eight years, and is willing to say the unpopular things to try to mobilize support to do something about it.

    Granted, this candidate is far from perfect, but so are we all. And this candidate may indeed be motivated by love of the common decency – and common sense – that we are losing as a nation.

    The opposing candidate seems quite proud of the direction we’ve taken, and would like to be that steady hand at the wheel, steering the US toward what I think most Christians view as disaster.

    In any event, the love belongs in the hands of We the People, and we have to decide what we love – the values of the men (yes, sexist, I know) who founded this country, or the values of the 60s leftists who have found power in their hands and are eager to wield it as a bludgeon on the heads of all those who disagree with them?

  2. Shirlee Abbott says:

    You bring up a different perspective for me, Andrew. I wasn’t thinking about love of moral behavior or even love of country. I was thinking of love for the other person (which isn’t the same as agreement with policies and opinion), love for the other person as someone created in God’s image.

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