Getting Older, Getting Easier



As I get older, things get harder. How about you?



  • My joints creak
  • I forget things more often
  • It’s harder to learn something new
  • A name or word I know well is suddenly gone

I thought about my “senior moments,” when I can’t find the word I want. I know it would be almost impossible to learn a new language at my age. I asked, Why, Lord, does it get harder as I get older?

It is easier for you to hear me.

Indeed. To God be the glory!bless old

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4 Responses to Getting Older, Getting Easier

  1. Interesting. I have found that, as I get older, I’m way sharper. I have to be; there is little time left, and far, far less to lose.

    • Shirlee Abbott says:

      My father used to say, “We grow so soon old and so late smart, yet.” I think you’ve nailed the “smart yet” part, Andrew.

  2. Judy Savage says:

    This is so true! I’m glad for Andrew. I appreciate your ‘tidbits’ as they fit so much of our lives as believers? Thank you.

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