Heart Condition


A long-ago lesson on the first three kings of Israel sticks in my head: Saul=hard-hearted, David=whole-hearted, Solomon=half-hearted. Over-simplified? Absolutely, but easy to remember. And easy to apply to my own life.

So what about you? Which king are you most like?

  • Solomon, with one foot in faith and one in the world
  • David, 100% for God
  • “I did it my way” Saul

It’s never too late for a change of heart.bless heart


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2 Responses to Heart Condition

  1. Regrets….I’ve had a few….but then again, too few to mention….

    Yeah, well. No wonder I had “My Way” memorized when it came out.

    • Shirlee Abbott says:

      Your blog proves that your way is like no one else’s way–and in line with God’s unique plan for you.

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