God on the Golf Course



“I can worship God better on the golf course than I do in church.”



Golf course, woods, river, shore–I’ve heard them all. I’ve never said “golf course” myself. The other places . . . maybe.

Who picked the place? God? Or me? 
Is it all about God? Or all about me?

What’s my prayer here?

Thank you, Lord.

Let me make that shot, catch that fish, ride that wave.

 Is God there? Absolutely. My heart of praise? Not so much.BLESS THE LORD OH MY SOUL

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2 Responses to God on the Golf Course

  1. Depends on the person. I found God through flying; being alone in the sky with Him brought me close, and people always said I was a nicer person after I landed. There was nothing specific to ‘ask’ for, except to find peace in His Presence.

    I never found that in church, except when I’d go into an old California Mission church alone, in the off hours, and light a candle. (Also Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago, come to think of it…but again, alone and quiet.)

    Communal worship – and I know we’re supposed to do it – really doesn’t work for me. Part of it’s PTSD and a dislike for ‘gatherings’, but it goes deeper. Just need my own private monastery, I guess!

  2. Shirlee Abbott says:

    There is power and comfort in communal worship, Andrew. I’m sorry you’ve missed out on it — one more of many things sucked from your life by PTSD. But I trust that you will find it some future day (far distant future, I hope) on the other side of glory. There we will find, I’m sure, the best of corporate and solitary celebration with God.

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