Pray for Pain



Last week, my friend Dean asked me about pain, “when you’ve prayed for a long time and healing doesn’t come.” How would you answer?


  • Keep praying
  • God doesn’t care
  • Drugs, stronger drugs

Keep praying. God does care. Drugs may help. 

Whether you are the one in pain or you are praying for a loved one in pain, first pray that the pain will be a highway to a closer relationship with God, not a wall that stands in the way of that relationship.

Miraculous healing, gradual recovery or continued pain–it’s the relationship with God that matters most.bless praying


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2 Responses to Pray for Pain

  1. Blanca says:

    Hi Shirlee, I’m writing to you because I have seen your comments/responds to some of the comments people do on the Proverbs 31 Ministries devotions and I’m very impress with you and your passion for God. I guess I need someone to talk to or probably just listen to me. I have so many questions, pain, fear, etc . . . I need God more than ever and I need Him to answer me, but I don’t feel Him. I’m desperate. Is it enough if I pray? How can I know I’m on God’s will? . . .It seems that God does not want to bless me on anything I do. That’s the reason why I feel that He won’t give me any blessings or the desires of my heart.

    • Shirlee Abbott says:

      Dear Blanca, thank you for your honesty. You ask great questions, questions that trouble all of us from time to time.

      I did edit your comment a bit–some of it seemed too personal for this public place. I will respond to some of your questions here, and I’ll address some in future blog posts. Check back, and comment again.

      First–God is your best listener. He never gets tired of your voice or your thoughts. He can take all of your anger, disappointment, frustration and questions. Be honest with him.

      You ask if prayer is enough. It is, but remember that prayer is a conversation. You speak, God listens. God speaks, you listen. How does God speak? First and foremost, through Scripture. He also speaks through godly advisors, circumstances and impressions. The last two can be confusing because it is easy to mistake our desires for God’s direction. That is why Bible study is important. Try reading the Psalms and the book of John. Read until something jumps out at you–that’s the Holy Spirit teaching you. Think carefully about that section. Copy it down. Share it here on my website. Re-read it. Ask, “how does this apply to me?”

      Lord God, speak to Blanca today through Scripture. Encourage her, surround her with your love. May she experience the joy of a conversation with you. Amen.

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