Wishful Campaign



Yep, there’s a campaign on. What’s important to you in a candidate?



  • Honesty
  • Economic insight
  • International savvy
  • Faith and values

Remember Old Testament Samuel? The people asked for a king, and he told them to be careful what they wished for.

As should we.bless thoughtful

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2 Responses to Wishful Campaign

  1. Good point!

    What’s important to me is ‘putting out the fire’; I see this country as having slid a long way downhill in the last eight years, and we need a leader who is not afraid to call idiocy what it is.

    Like the Dept of Justice no longer calling felons ‘felons’ or ex-convicts ‘ex-convicts’. This is STUPID.

    Before America can run again, she needs someone who”ll bandage the wounds, and stop the bleeding, and I think there is only one candidate who’ll do that.

    Even if he wears a toupee.

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