Lord of Your History

I’ve been reading ‘Mending the Soul” by Steven R. Tracy. The book explores the destructive power of abuse. It explains the redemptive power of God’s love. Dr. Tracy urges abuse victims to acknowledge their painful histories:

Rock solid


“Facing our brokenness is a breathtaking act of faith in the living God; refusal to face our brokenness is a tragic denial of his existence, power, and goodness    . . . God is a god of truth. God is the Lord of history who will ultimately triumph over all human evil.”BLESS THE LORD OH MY SOUL


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2 Responses to Lord of Your History

  1. I did experience abuse as a child; my therapist called it the worst she had ever had to deal with (and as I was growing up, the man who would later head the Satanist church of America was a ‘family friend’…saw the creep on Phil Donahue in the 80s).

    But it didn’t break me. I merely learned to roll with the punches, and develop an Afghan mindset…

    If you set out for vengeance after ten years, you are in too much of a hurry.

    Also…they have the watches, but we have the time.

    • The book is based on the premise that abuse is a distortion of the image of God and the relationships we are created to have–with each other and with God. The quote came from a section on acknowledging the abuse, not denying or excusing it.

      I am grateful that you came through yours, Andrew, unbroken.

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