The Success of Obedience



During a particularly difficult part of my life’s journey, I felt very unsuccessful.



I thought this was your will, Lord. Why such a mess?

My answer came via a radio sermon. I missed the name of the preacher and the Bible text. But his point was clear:

“God doesn’t call you to succeed. He calls you to obey.”

Thank you, Lord, for answered prayer.BLESS THE LORD OH MY SOUL



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2 Responses to The Success of Obedience

  1. Very true.

    The word ‘samurai’ translates quite accurately as ‘servant’, and first line in Tsusenori Yamamoto’s ‘samurai code’, “Hagakure”, is “A Samurai lives in such a way that he is always prepared to die.”

    Sometimes our purpose may come in the way we face death.

    Messy, but not bereft of honour.

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