How It’s Done



You pray, Thy will be done. Do you mean it?



  • Absolutely!
  • Sure, as long as my way is God’s way
  • Not if it costs me time, money or trouble

Our lips say the words, yes. But do our hearts agree?

Matthew 6:10 (NIV)
Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

In heaven, I’m sure, God isn’t put on hold because the angels want to sleep in, or because they are mad at each other, or because they are worried what others will think, or because they have other plans, or because they want to be comfortable.

Thy will, no excuses.Bless praying

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4 Responses to How It’s Done

  1. Sydna Spancake says:

    Hi Lee,
    Good Post — I’m still trying to hear God’s Will for Me. I thought for sure it was my book, my jewelry (btw will be sending my ideas on your watch — I felt really inspired last week), or maybe my “God-Scapes” (photography of the skies)
    What? Are you sure Lord?You want me to tutor 2 little boys? OK
    You want me to stand in the gap and pray for our country? Really? OK Lord!
    As I cried out to Him last night I clearly heard His response “Ephesians”… ok, Ephesians it is : }
    God Is Great!

  2. God’s will may require our death. No joke there.

    We can either mutiny, or say, “Yes, sir,” give fate the finger, and just keep shooting until we get the dead man’s click.

    Then pull the kabar, and take a knife to a gunfight. Orders stand.

    • Indeed, Andrew, but God’s will isn’t only about death. Your blog is a stellar example of God’s will: God-sized ideas produced out of human weakness for the good of others.

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