Start the Finish



So my New Year’s one-word is two words:

                           Finish it.


I started a list of things I need to finish. It includes a variety of projects: writing, sewing, home improvement. It includes some lifestyle changes I’ve long said I should make: reorder my morning, exercise, eat more fruit. And a spiritual commitment to follow through on God’s directives.

I look forward to crossing items off my list–projects finished and habits formed. 

Tomorrow morning, I’ll talk with God while I drink my first cup of coffee. Then I’ll exercise. Let the finishing begin (for me and you).new year blessings

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2 Responses to Start the Finish

  1. Courtesy today’s Books and Such blog post (Dec. 31, 2015), I realized how many books I still have to finish!

    The prospects don’t look good…but if I take them one at a time, there is the possibility for some measure of closure.

    We’ll see, but the fun’s in the process, anyway, and my calling as a writer isn’t to make a success of myself. It’s to encourage others to find that success.

  2. Encourage others? At that, Andrew, you are a master! May your 2016 overflow with blessings.

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