Unashamed Prayer



Last week’s terrorist attack brought us a new phrase, “prayer-shaming.” What’s your response?



  • If I said that, I’d be very afraid
  • Folks who disdain God don’t expect God to “fix” anything
  • I am proud to pray. Prayer works!

I’m in New Jersey, and the crisis is in California. Nothing short of prayer can transcend geography in an instant. Via prayer, I come alongside those people who are terrified, hurting, grieving. They are not alone. I am with them. God is with them.

I am not ashamed to pray. I am called to pray. I am empowered to pray.bless praying

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2 Responses to Unashamed Prayer

  1. The people who engaged in prayer-shaming, the “God isn’t fixing this!” rhetoric, disgust me.

    They’re using this disingenuous avenue to push their own political agenda, and to demonize those who have the temerity to disagree with them.

    Pray hard, and shoot straighter than the bad guys. Works for me.

  2. I’ve never fired a gun, and I sincerely doubt my ability to shoot straight. I have, however, fired many a prayer, straight to the ultimate Source of power. Prayer is my weapon of choice. And I pray for the good guys who shoot straight.

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