Gaping Gates



We were careless with our garden gate. There was a gap, and a groundhog snuck through in the dark of night. He stripped our tomato plants. Bad groundhog!


Sometimes I am careless with the gates to my soul. There are gaps. Ungodly thoughts sneak through and strip away my fruit of the Spirit. Bad thoughts!

Dear Lord God, may the meditations of my heart be acceptable in your sight. Close the gaps in my gates. Amen.bless soul pic

For more on the gates of your soul,
read Lesson 3 in the Foundation Study
Rebuilding the Walls.

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2 Responses to Gaping Gates

  1. I use the ‘brain like a wiffle ball’ analogy. Bad thoughts flow through and out, along with everything else.

    Barbara is nodding her head vigorously.

  2. As long as the bad thoughts don’t drop anchor and stay the season.

    I am waving my hand vigorously, “Hi Barbara!”

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