I’m launching a new foundation study based on the book of Nehemiah. Don’t know much about Nehemiah? He was:

  • Cupbearer to the King
  • A man of prayer
  • Community organizer extraordinaire


What do I have in common with Nehemiah?

  • I’m not the head honcho, but I have influence
  • I try to start everything with prayer
  • I’m really good at telling others what to do

God gave Nehemiah a unique set of skills and experience. He had the judgment and influence to rebuild the Jerusalem’s wall.

God gave you a unique set of skills and experience. What’s your assignment?bless soul pic

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2 Responses to Who-a-miah?

  1. I really have nothing in common with Nehemiah. Wish I did.

    All I can do is try to witness to the fact that when the physical attributes of one’s life turn to crap (pardon me), one can still offer hope and encouragement.

  2. Ah, Andrew, I beg to differ. Like Nehemiah, you see opportunity where others see only obstacles. Thus your blog posts.

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