I just returned from my denomination’s annual regional meeting (American Baptist Churches of New Jersey). The theme was “Testify.”

Have you every testified to your first life-changing encounter with Christ?


  • I tell it often and joyously
  • I tell it rarely and nervously
  • Never told a soul

I brought home a little book, a compilation of the testimonies of 52 church leaders–each one just a few short paragraphs. 52 people, 52 unique stories. Never the same way twice.

Tell your story. It is as unique as you are.bless unique

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5 Responses to Testify!

  1. I don’t know that there is one for me to tell. He’s always been there; never anything spectacular, or highly emotional. It’s like standing in front of a mountain as night becomes the new day. You sense it in the dark, and it’s slowly illuminated as the light rises. The gradual pace obviates any possible surprise,and when the day is full you simply KNOW that is it as it must be, as it has always been, even when concealed from your eyes.

    Does that make sense?

  2. I have shared my story. But, the full story is a daily one, as you can testify! Lots of times I’ll share bits and pieces as it fits according to the need. Our testimonies come in handy because they’re ours and we don’t have to get someone’s permission. Thank you, Shirlee, for the reminder.

  3. Shirlee, do you have a contact page or email address? I have a question to ask you (or you can email me at nlbrumbaugh@gmail.com). Thank you, Norma

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