Nevertheless Pray!

Rock solid

The wall-builders encountered resistance. Nevertheless . . . 

Nehemiah 4:9 (KJV)
Nevertheless we made our prayer unto our God.


Spurgeon expanded on the principle behind Nehemiah’s action:

If men make a jest of your religion, pray none the less. If they even become cruel and violent to you, pray none the less; never the less, not a word less, not a syllable less, not a desire less, and not any faith less.


Nevertheless, pray all the more.bless soul pic

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2 Responses to Nevertheless Pray!

  1. Today, Lee, prayer was all I had.

    Well, that and morphine, but the morphine didn’t help.

  2. All the more, Lord, I pray for my friend Andrew. May he know that he is not alone, that you are with him. Nevertheless, give him strength to endure; all the more, give him moments of relief. Amen.

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