Prayer As Education

Rock solid


Here’s a quote from a Civil War-era preacher who practiced what he preached and wrote what he practiced (9 books on prayer):


E M Bounds

Praying gives sense, brings wisdom,
and broadens and strengthens the mind.
The prayer closet is a perfect schoolteacher.” 



He started each day with prayer. 4 to 7 AM. Daily.Bless praying

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2 Responses to Prayer As Education

  1. The founder of Covenant House, the shelter for runaways in NYC, required that his volunteers spend three hours a day in prayer, and that was non-negotiable.

    He felt it was the only way to equip their hearts for the things they would see in the course of a day, and it had to be renewed…daily.

  2. Non-negotiable prayer. I like that.

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