Wisdom’s School

James 3 17 b

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2 Responses to Wisdom’s School

  1. Usually yes; occasionally no.

    The literary example that comes to mind as the exception is the First Servant of the Duke of Gloucester in Shakespeare’s “King Lear”. He sees his master blinded, and he will not have it; he draws his sword to defend Gloucester, and is struck down by Regan.

    He is implacable, and open to no further reason. He sees wrong being committed, and steps into its path.

    There are times when our baser reactions hold us closer to the Divine.

    • Shirlee Abbott says:

      Would having more of the Word of God under my belt add wisdom to even my baser reactions? I like to think that even my first responses have gotten more Christlike over time (I still may miss the mark, but by less, perhaps?).

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