Sunday’s School Prayer



Back to school! What did/do you dread most?



      • Homework
      • Gym class
      • Eating lunch alone

Back to school. It’s a privilege. And it wasn’t always so.

In the early history of our church (our congregation is older than the nation), Sunday school was the only school for many children. Sunday morning offered a break from farm work and an opportunity for some education. The Bible was the textbook.

Let us pray for all children heading back to school:

May they eagerly study and do their utmost to present themselves to you, unashamed, correctly analyzing and accurately understanding your Truth. (from 2 Timothy 2:15-AMP)bless their souls.jpg

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2 Responses to Sunday’s School Prayer

  1. Beautiful essay and Scripture.

    I never liked school; I found that I was closer to God roaming the hills, alone.

    Which is why I suppose I eventually – late in life – became a teacher.

    • Shirlee Abbott says:

      Our youngest son just changed careers and is now teaching in an LA inner city high school. He’s not yet 30, so I can’t call it “late in life,” but his students wonder why he gave up a job in film to teach them. I’m sure he is a better teacher for the prior experiences–likely true of you too. You both were teachers-in-training, just didn’t yet know it.

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