Praise Today for Tomorrow’s Blessings



For what are you most grateful?



        • Family and friends
        • Answers to today’s prayers
        • I seem to have misplaced my attitude of gratitude

I bumped up against this intriguing thought in a book I’m reading:

“We will all agree to pray and praise God for the answers before we see them, for that be what faith is about. Then we wait and see.”
(from A Harvest of Hope, Lauraine Snelling)

Hmmm . . . praising God for his answer before we even get around to thinking the request? Are you up to that challenge?bless grateful


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2 Responses to Praise Today for Tomorrow’s Blessings

  1. Hmmm…today was a nightmare of pain for me, and tomorrow will probably be worse. I don’t think anyone could count this all joy; I certainly can’t.

    But I do thank God for giving me the strength, or just the endurance to get through, and to keep trying to contribute. That’s really enough.

    • Shirlee Abbott says:

      I will praise God today for your comments tomorrow and beyond. I am grateful to you and God that you don’t let the pain keep you from the keyboard.

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