Forgiving or Forgiven?




Which is easier for you: accepting forgiveness or offering forgiveness?


        • I like my grudges and I want to keep them
        • I’ve had lots of practice accepting forgiveness
        • What if I’m not sorry?

Forgive us our trespasses – that’s about our relationship with God, the vertical axis. As we forgive those who trespass against us – that’s about our relationship with others, the horizontal. 

The horizontal and vertical relationships intersect at the cross. cross
That’s where we find forgiveness.

bless forgiven forgiving

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2 Responses to Forgiving or Forgiven?

  1. I’m pretty good at forgiving…but I do make sure that the offense won’t be repeated. Those measures can sometimes be rather harsh, but are performed out of necessity, not enjoyed malice.

    At being forgiven…it’s a diptych…the panel that shows my being forgiven by another must be matched in grace and colour with one that shows my forgiving myself.

    Not always easy.

    • Shirlee Abbott says:

      I like the diptych imagery, Andrew. It’s like my reflection in a clear pond (or maybe a muddy puddle).

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