As the Stubborn Stone Rolls

ArchitectPer Monday’s post, we are God’s building stones:

1 Peter 2:5 (MSG)
Present yourselves as building stones for
the construction of a sanctuary vibrant with life.


I confess that I don’t always present myself to God as a willing stone. Sometimes I whine,

Can I be in a different wall? Please? Not next to her!

I complain.

I don’t like this spot. The sun is too bright, the rain is too wet and the wind blows too much.

And sometimes I stubbornly jump out of the wall, roll down the hill and pout in a dark corner.

Thankfully, our Builder is patient.bless willing

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2 Responses to As the Stubborn Stone Rolls

  1. Shirlee, I am thankful for the Builder’s patience because I too can try to do it my way. May we fully submit to God’s plans and willingly follow His plan. : )

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